Steering and Suspension

Without a correctly optimised steering and suspension system in your vehicle, you will be in for a bumpy ride the next time you go for a drive.

However, while tasked with keeping your vehicle’s tyres firmly on the ground, the steering and suspension system can over time begin to lose efficiency. And this is due to the large number of potholes, gravel and railway tracks which are commonly driven over.

Here at Danaci Motors, our highly trained mechanics can assist you with a full range of steering and suspension services, including:

  • Wheel alignments
  • Shocks and springs
  • Wheel balancing
  • Bushing replacement
  • Power steering repairs and replacement
  • Lift kits and 4wd upgrades

If your ride has been bumpier than usual, please give us a call today!

Exhaust Repairs

The modern exhaust system in European and Australian vehicles, is comprised of a complex series of exhaust pipes and hoses. And is tasked with the important job of expelling dangerous and toxic fumes out the rear exhaust pipe.

At Danaci Motors our highly skilled mechanics can correctly diagnose the most common of exhaust problems. And provide comprehensive repair and part replacements, which will have you back on the road as soon as possible.

For all exhaust repairs and upgrades, please give our team a call today!

Air Conditioning

The air conditioning system in your vehicle does much more than keep you cool in summer. During the bitter winter months, it can also be used to quickly and efficiently defrost your front windscreen.

However, without regular inspection of your air conditioning system, it can begin to malfunction. Which generally means instead of bringing you cool relief in summer, it will only blow hot air out no matter how high it’s turned on.

Here at Danaci Motors, we are the leading experts in air conditioner re-gassing and part replacements. If your vehicle’s air conditioning is not keeping you cool during summer or is taking longer than it should to defrost your windscreen, give us a call today!

Clutches and Transmissions

A highly complex system of automotive parts working together in harmony. The clutch and transmission system are tasked with transferring power away from the engine and down towards your vehicle’s wheels.

However, without regular servicing by an accredited mechanic, your clutch and transmission system can begin to develop minor faults. And if not repaired in a timely manner, can lead to more serious issues later on down the road.

At Danaci Motors we strongly recommend regular servicing of your clutch and transmission system. To make sure that all is working as it should.

For all clutch and transmission service bookings, please get in touch today!

Cooling System

The modern passenger vehicles cooling system protects your engine from running too hot. Keeping it cool with liquid coolant which is pumped through the radiator and connected hose system.

At Danaci Motors we always believe that preventative maintenance is the best policy. Especially when it comes to the smooth operation of your vehicle’s radiator and cooling system.

And a list of the most common cooling system services which we offer are:

  • Radiator and heater replacements
  • Head gaskets
  • Coolant flushing
  • Thermostats

To book your vehicle in for a cooling system checkup, give our team a call today!

Diagnostics and Auto Electrical

New vehicles and ones manufactured in the past few years, come with highly technical and modern auto electrical system. And as these systems become increasingly more complex, a skilled automotive technician is needed to diagnose error codes when they arise.

At Danaci Motors, our team of mechanics are equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and software. Which allows us to detect both common and complex auto electrical issues and provide our customers with expert solutions.

For all auto electrical repairs or diagnostic services, please give our office a call today!


Stopping you from having a serious collision with the vehicle in front and for bringing your vehicle to a complete stop in an emergency, the braking system is a highly important piece of automotive technology.

Your brakes are relied upon thousands of times over the life of your vehicle. However, if you let your brakes deteriorate to the point of failure, they might not work as they should when you need them the most.

That’s why at Danaci Motors, our qualified and friendly team of mechanics can assist you with brake pad repairs, servicing and part replacements.

If your brakes are beginning to stick or are making clunking noises, please call our team to book your vehicle in today!


When driving around the roads of Noble Park, it’s important that you are driving on quality tyres. Tyres that are correctly inflated, are not balding and are aligned properly. Failure to do so could see yourself in a dangerous situation. And could potentially make controlling your vehicle extremely difficult in an emergency situation.

At Danaci Motors, our skilled mechanics understand how important the tyres on your vehicle are. And is why we always recommend to our customers that regular inspections and preventative maintenance is a must. Which ensures that when you are out on the road you tyres will keep you firmly on the road.

To book your car, truck or 4×4 in for tyre repairs or replacements, please give our team a call today!


Danaci Motors can assist customers with all towing services if requested.

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Danaci Motors is proud to offer a comprehensive battery testing and replacement service.

An essential automotive component of the modern passenger vehicle, the battery supplies an electrical current which feeds the starter motor and enables you to turn your engine over when starting it.

For all battery services including inspection and new replacement, please contact us today.


The windscreen in your vehicle is constructed from hardened and laminated safety glass. And has the important task of keeping you safe from the outside elements when driving on the road.

However, most motorists through no fault of their own will experience a cracked windscreen at one point in time. This is commonly due to small rocks which are flicked up from the road as you drive by.

At Danaci Motors we always recommend that at the first sign of a chipped or cracked windscreen, to book their vehicle in for an inspection at a qualified workshop. This will ensure that the windscreen is repaired or replaced and that it will not be a safety hazard later on down the road.

To organise a windscreen inspection, repair or emergency replacement. Please give our friendly team a call today!

Other Vehicle Repairs

At Danaci Motors, we can also help you with automotive repairs and parts for caravans and trailers. For more information, please contact our friendly team today!